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Pride of Jamaica Fish Farm

Algix Jamaica is located in beautiful St. Elizabeth, the breadbasket of Jamaica. Our farm rests on 300 acres of lush land with over 110 acres of ponds all supplied by the Black River, which means we constantly have fresh water flowing through our ponds. Our future plans include expanding our farm to 800 acres positioning Pride of Jamaica to supply 10% of the US Kai market. Our farming practices measure up to the industry's strictest 3rd-party sustainability certifications such as 2-Star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).

Fresh Water and Feed

Our supply of water comes from the Black River and flows directly into our ponds, which allows a constant flow of crisp, clean river water for our fish to breathe happy. At Pride of Jamaica we believe you are what you eat. To grow the healthiest fish it not only takes fresh water but also the best food. Our feed is a one of a kind floating pellet feed that ensures our fish are eating at the top of the water and not the bottom. Our feed is also certified by the USDA as pathogen free. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals with no additives or hormones and environmentally sustainable!

Delicious Recipes

Put your cooking skills to the test! Download and prepare some easy to do recipes for your whole family to enjoy. Subscribe to "Pride of Jamaica" on YouTube and watch our series called "Fresh Start." Join our host Rachelle Thompson and Chef Adrian step by step to learn how to cook like a pro! Share your own recipe using Pride of Jamaica fish and you can be featured on our Recipe of the Month! You can send us the recipe in the Contact section and we will prepare it or make your own video for a chance to be featured on our website. 

State of the Art Processing

Pride of Jamaica has its own state of the art processing facility located on the Algix Jamaica property allowing maximum efficiency and productivity. Our plant meets all international standards required for exporting to the USA. We ensure the quality and consistency of our fish will exceed your expectations. Fish can be processed within minutes of being harvested from the ponds and ready to enjoy within hours. 

Our Mission

Pride Of Jamaica is invested in Jamaica and moreover our world. We seek to impress upon everyone who even comes in contact with our product or brand, our undying passion to make a tangible change in this world and for this world. 

Jamaica is known for its kind people and rich culture, but is also known to be plagued by violence; the root of which is poverty and education. We seek to do our part by providing AFFORDABLE and NUTRITIOUS food to the people as well as donating a portion of all of our harvest to inner city communities and schools.

Biblical Values Footprint

Algix Jamaica seeks to build our company on Biblical principles. We recognize Jesus Christ as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. We humbly and joyfully submit to his authority and rule. We love and follow Jesus Christ. His teachings apply to every area of our lives. We accept His teaching as absolute truth, something on which we can build our lives and our business.

Caribbean Basa

At Pride of Jamaica we grow two types of fish, Tilapia and Kai. Currently we have the largest, most consistent supply of FRESH Tilapia in the Caribbean. The tilapia will be processed (scaled and gutted) and vacuum packaged prior to delivery.The average size of the fish is 250 to 350 grams - which the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries calls the "ideal dinner plate size.” Pangasius (Kai) is the 6th most consumed seafood in the United States. Until now, Kai was only available from Vietnam, which would take about 6 months from pond to plate. Pride of Jamaica can have fresh Caribbean Kai on your plate within days of being taken out of the ponds.

Welcome to Pride of Jamaica Fish Farms

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