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Operation Restoration is a school in Trenchtown, Jamaica which Algix Jamaica sponsers by providing fresh fish every week for all of the kids. At Operation Restoration Christian School, they provide accelerated learning education for students who have literacy and numeracy deficiencies, assisting them to integrate into the traditional education system through the Grade Nine Achievement Test, or into other skills programmes. They work with the students, their families as well as with the community in order to bring about academic, social, emotional and spiritual transformation. 

Algix Jamaica is looking to the surrounding communites and schools to offer tours and a meal on the Algix Jamaica facility. If you are interested please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

Feeding of the 5,000 Outreach Foundation hosts treat at Randolph Lopez School of Hope

Friday May 15, was an amazing day for the students and teachers of the Randolph Lopez School of Hope in August Town.  It was a day when in its tireless efforts to spread love and educate Jamaicans about different disabilities, the Jordan Bennett-led Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation hosted a treat on the grounds of the School which has on roll 350 students with various types of disabilities.


The day was off to an early start as Jordan Bennett, his main organizers Monique Francis and Jo-Hannah Owens and over 20 other volunteers arrived at the school to prepare for the treat. The volunteers came from all walks of life, and all areas of the city, students, adults, some unemployed with those who are employed taking the day off from work just to help with this worthwhile project.

Volunteers also assisted teachers with the execution of their regular classroom activities.  As classes ended for the students it was obvious that the fun part of their day was about to begin. Students were invited to the courtyard to participate in an assortment of fun activities, including cricket, dance contests, football competitions, with the volunteers and a few professional athletes led by 400m track and field standout Germaine Gonzales along with Ricardo Francis and some of their training partners.

There were bounce-abouts for the enjoyment of all; music, face painting and a planned entertainment programme hosted by volunteer DJ Nikki Z and her crew from her HOT 102 Morning Show. Students and Guest Artiste Artical provided live entertainment throughout the day, as everyone danced, sang and thoroughly enjoyed the day’s offerings.

Lunch was provided for the 350 students and staff of the School, with cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, cakes, ice-cream and an assortment of liquid refreshments available throughout the long and entertaining day.

Among the gifts brought by Bennett and the Feeding of the 5000 Foundation team were work boots for all the children, donated by Food for the Poor and a stove donated by “Pride of Jamaica”. This stove will allow the students to learn to prepare their own meals as they find the new independence after School; some students may even learn to bake to earn a living.


The Founder of Feeding of the 5000, Bennett, pointed out that his Foundation is seeking to educate the public about the wide spectrum of disabilities that children and adults experience, but that they wanted to put emphasis on Intellectual Disability, and to uphold the Foundation’s mantra of -- “Not just filling bellies, but hearts and souls with love.” He pointed out further that his personal vision is to eventually make as many of these children as possible become independent in their homes and totally self-sufficient as functioning members of the society.


Among the many sponsors of the day’s events were: Food for the Poor, Pepsi, National Bakery, Best Dressed Chicken, Maxine Walters, Carmen Clarke and Deon Nobel among many others.


Feeding of the 5000 was started approximately three years ago by then 17-year- old Jordan Bennett to feed persons who made their home on the streets of Kingston and Spanish Town. His original goal of feeding 5000 has far exceeded his expectations and the organization is now venturing into many other areas starting with Randolph Lopez School of Hope.


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